Why You Should Go to Europe in the Winter

I should preface this post by saying that nothing makes me more unhappy than the cold– going to northern Europe in January sounded almost worse than being in Chicago. That being said, when you’re notified (thanks, Scott’s Cheap Flights!) with a $340 round-trip flight to Paris, you make your sacrifices. Duty called, and my first trip to Europe was booked.

Since we’re in one of the best times to be booking January–March flights, I wanted to share why it was one of my best decisions.

1. Off-Season Prices

Every country/state has a “peak season,” aka prime time, and an off-season. In busy peak season (summer for Europe), hotels, Airbnbs, flights, and even activities and excursions can and do charge more when there’s more demand. Because Europe is just about desolate in the winter, we were able to snag ridiculously cheap flights and stay in discounted hostels. Western Europe is hardly considered a budget destination, so it’s a good opportunity to see it without paying summer prices.

2. Higher Availability

More availability means more options, which means more flexibility. We never had trouble finding accommodation, a spot on the train, or even hopping in on a tour last-minute. As we learned the hard way, sh** happens, and we were lucky on more than one occasion to be able to slide in somewhere that we hadn’t booked ahead. However, this doesn’t mean it’s cheap just because it’s available. Ask me about my time hitchhiking to Colmar, France because we didn’t book far enough ahead 🙂

3. Less Tourists

One of the worst things about tourist attractions is how crowded it can get. Even if you’re visiting Europe for the 3rd time, chances are, you’ll end up in popular spots checking out the main attraction of the city. While there will likely always be a line to see the Eiffel Tower, every queue was very bearable in the winter.

Paris, France

4. It’s not THAT bad

I was expecting Iceland to be a constant blizzard and days walking around in Paris to leave me with frozen feet and fingers. You guys – it was super tolerable (besides Amsterdam in the wind and rain. We were there when this video was taken, haha.) Iceland Air even advertises that winters in Reykjavik are milder than New York and Chicago’s! Speaking of Iceland, 5 hours of golden hour a day was incredibly cool to see– another plus of visiting in the winter.

Þingvellir, Iceland

5. Shallow, but…

Your hair and makeup looks great all day! Is this the most important thing? Maybe! Who knows?

Have you ever visited Europe in the winter? Would you want to? Should I stop asking questions? See ya!




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