Tabata – HIIT Workout

Tabata (pronounced tuh-bot-uh) holds a warm place in my heart because my friends introduced me to it while we were in Thailand, the six of us filling up our hostel’s outdoor space and sweating profusely in Southeast Asia’s infamous heat. We also combined a few rounds of tabata with a beach run in Costa RicaRead more

Why You Should Go to Europe in the Winter

I should preface this post by saying that nothing makes me more unhappy than the cold– going to northern Europe in January sounded almost worse than being in Chicago. That being said, when you’re notified (thanks, Scott’s Cheap Flights!) with a $340 round-trip flight to Paris, you make your sacrifices. Duty called, and my first tripRead more

Cheap Flight Tools and Tricks

The starting point, the largest cost, and often the pain point of international travel planning is the flight. Looking for options can be overwhelming, and many times it has made a trip completely undoable– but sometimes it’s the one thing that actually ends up working out. And when that’s booked, you usually have no choiceRead more