Loungewear on a Budget

I think this goes without saying, but this post is not sponsored (I don’t think large companies are interested in working with a part-time blogger with 200 monthly viewers – unsure though). But I’ve got a new obsession and I want to shout it from the rooftops. The new obsession is loungewear. 

When I was in high school, I dressed up almost every single day. Okay, “dressing up” is a bit of an overstatement, but I can count on one hand the amount of times I wore sweatpants to school. I once wore Nikes and someone asked me if I was planning to go on a jog during lunch, so I never wore them again (lol my preoccupation about what people thought of me is a story for another time). But bottom line, I was NOT the girl rocking “athleisure”  my whole life. It wasn’t until I joined a wonderful company that allows me to wear leggings to work that I found my true calling: loungewear. Also, I tend to gravitate toward non-stretchy jeans so sitting 8+ hours a day is TOUGH on the thighs. Moving on…

As much as I’d like to prance around in head to toe Lululemon, Alo Yoga, or Free People Movement, that’s not what this blog is about (yet. I’m manifesting it, though). As my collection of comfortable and practical clothes grows, I keep finding myself turning to the same two stores, Aerie and Target.

I’ve always been an Aerie fan (didn’t love the whole PINK/Victoria’s Secret logo emblazoned on my underwear, but to each their own) but the place just keeps stepping their game up. Not only is their underwear great, which I’m so sorry I didn’t do a photoshoot in, but the brand has incredible bralettes, swimsuits, athletic wear, and yes, loungewear. Here are some of my recent favorites:


Tie-Dye Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt

{sweatshirt and leggings}

I was searching EVERYWHERE for a tie-dye sweatshirt that didn’t look like it came straight out of a Myrtle Beach souvenir shop. This one has a subtle, pastel color that doesn’t make me feel like a child and you guys– it is so soft. The tag even says so. That’s when you know.

{sweatshirt and leggings}

I got a size large so I could cover my butt and also feel tiny. 

Play Real Me High Waisted 7/8 Leggings

{sweatshirt, sports bra, leggings}

I now have two pairs of these because they’re so great. I might even go so far to say I won’t buy another type of leggings unless they’re these (or the Lulemon Aligns which are a great investment piece). They’re pretty thin so TBD on if I survive another Chicago winter in them, but for right now, they’ve been amazing. Super lightweight, like you’re not wearing pants, and they’re the perfect high rise! Honestly I’ll just let the reviews speak for themselves. 

I get the size small short– it seems like they fit very true to size. Also the marks on them in the above photos are from Winston’s paws. Sorry.

Weekender Sweatshirt

I did an inventory check recently and realized all of my hoodies have the name of a college or destination on it. Which I’m FINE with, but sometimes I don’t want to feel like a walking brochure. I found this sweatshirt and pictured myself on a boat on a summer’s night, or grabbing groceries with perhaps cool matching Nikes that I currently don’t own. The opportunities are endless! 

In all seriousness, this sweatshirt goes with just about everything and it’s a lightweight, comfortable piece that you will wear all the time. I got a size small as it’s a little oversized naturally, but TBH I wouldn’t have minded it even a little looser.

Aerie Chill Cotton Bralette

{sports bra, leggings}

I wear this as both a sports bra and and an everyday bralette! If, like me, your chest needs little to no support, this is the bra for you. It’s simple, inexpensive, and comfortable. Win win win. 

Other Pieces I’m Eyeing

Aerie Crew Neck T-Shirt | Aerie Desert Sweatshirt | Sunday Soft Quarter Zip Sweatshirt | Aerie Move Color Block High Waisted 7/8 Leggings


Target is an up and coming loungewear store for me, but wanted to include as they recently introduced a few new brands that I am sure I will start adding to my cart when I’m there (exactly what I need!).

Check out the Auden, Stars Above, and Colsie lines next time you’re there and feel like going over budget again. I’ve included some cute pieces below! Most of these come in plus size, as well.

Grey Sweat Set {top, shorts} | Perfectly Cozy Lounge Jogger Pants | Perfectly Cozy Lounge Sweatshirt

Thanks for reading my first and probably last “fashion” post! Adios!

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