A Long Weekend in Colorado

Long Weekend in Colorado

Already planning another trip back to this beautiful state, so I thought I’d document this one. 🙂 If there’s one thing I want to start by saying, it’s this – treat yourself to a fall trip. Go somewhere where the foliage is changing and the weather is crisp and you can truly enjoy the season. WeRead more

A Long Weekend in Los Angeles & Joshua Tree

Now, folks, this happened a longgg time ago. Like, February long ago. But I can only do so many trips every year, and I would primarily like this to be a travel blog, so we’re going to do some retroactive posts!  But first off, Why did we choose to do this trip? Simply put, CaliforniaRead more

Long Weekend in the Northeast: Itinerary

Finally, I had the time to sit down and write about our Northeast Road Trip Extravaganza. I recommend visiting in the fall for obvious reasons (leaves, crispness, etc.) but I could see this being an awesome spring or summer weekend trip. Winter for sure if you’re psychotic and enjoy being outside when it’s cold. TheRead more