A Long Weekend in Colorado

Long Weekend in Colorado

Already planning another trip back to this beautiful state, so I thought I’d document this one. 🙂 If there’s one thing I want to start by saying, it’s this – treat yourself to a fall trip. Go somewhere where the foliage is changing and the weather is crisp and you can truly enjoy the season. WeRead more

A Long Weekend in Los Angeles & Joshua Tree

Now, folks, this happened a longgg time ago. Like, February long ago. But I can only do so many trips every year, and I would primarily like this to be a travel blog, so we’re going to do some retroactive posts!  But first off, Why did we choose to do this trip? Simply put, CaliforniaRead more

Our 10-Day Spain and Portugal Itinerary

SHE BACK! Briefly. Probably will be gone again until my next trip haha. Listen, it’s hard to write advice-based blog posts when you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. Nobody told me!  Back to business– I’m finally sharing my Spain and Portugal trip details before they leave my brain permanently. This hasRead more