How I Save Money to Travel

One of the questions I get most often is simply, “How do you afford to travel?” Since I’m not exactly subtle about the financial struggles of working an entry-level job, (see my blog’s headline lol) I figured it makes sense for me to share my pointers on how I can afford international trips and weekendRead more

5 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Health During the Holidays

This post is not about how you should chug 4 water bottles before any social gathering or how you should swap beers for a ~light and ~low-carb vodka soda (but if you want to, I do recommend vodka and LaCroix). It’s more about how to navigate the holidays while not falling COMPLETELY off the wagon/messingRead more

10 Can’t-Put-Down Books That Will Get You Back into Reading

I’ve always been a “read when I travel” kind of girl. So much so that when I was younger, I would bring (no joke) anywhere from 5-10 books on a trip. Whenever I’m home, however, it’s a different story. With less downtime and more distractions, I neglect reading – and I hate it. The bestRead more