5 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Health During the Holidays

This post is not about how you should chug 4 water bottles before any social gathering or how you should swap beers for a ~light and ~low-carb vodka soda (but if you want to, I do recommend vodka and LaCroix). It’s more about how to navigate the holidays while not falling COMPLETELY off the wagon/messingRead more

Tabata – HIIT Workout

Tabata (pronounced tuh-bot-uh) holds a warm place in my heart because my friends introduced me to it while we were in Thailand, the six of us filling up our hostel’s outdoor space and sweating profusely in Southeast Asia’s infamous heat. We also combined a few rounds of tabata with a beach run in Costa RicaRead more

5 Cardio Tips for When You Hate Cardio

Bianca Bialk

Cardio. What a love/hate relationship. I’m one of those people that managed to convince myself that running feels good, but I also dread most moments before a workout knowing I’ll be on the treadmill. There’s a reason it’s good for you, and it’s because it sucks! However, I feel I have ~come to terms withRead more